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Explore the trails that lead to Volusia County's colorful past. 

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Visit the Volusia County website at http://www.volusia.org/ 


Tourism Information

Visiting Ormond Beach can be one of your most rewarding vacations. Ormond Beach is located on the northern end of the greater Daytona Beach resort area in Northeast Central Florida. It offers hotel, motel, and timeshare facilities, as well as a number of beautiful condominium properties for your consideration. Our properties prefer to cater to family and mature tourists.

This area is known for its famous drive-on beach, one of the few available in the world. Ormond Beach nickname, the "Birthplace of Speed", comes from the turn-of-the-century speed records set here on the beach. Today, millions of visitors come each year to witness automobile racing at nearby Daytona International Speedway.

Ormond Beach has areas to suit every need. Some of our beach areas permit driving; however, our northern areas do not.

While visiting Ormond Beach, you can take it easy on the beach or visit one of the world's most exciting attractions.

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