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    Dragnet has been in business for over 20 years
    for one reason: to provide a snapshot look at
    who you are about to trust with your income
    producing property, who will ultimately be a
    reflection of your professionalism if
    representing a property owner or possibly that
    new employee that will be representing your
    business. What about that contractor that you
    are about to hire? Do you really want to give a
    sizable deposit or let them onto your property
    not knowing about their business including
    licensing or the principle owners background?
    We help you make decisions that will protect not
    only your image, but possibly reduce your
    exposure to liability by using a comprehensive
    background screening combined with a
    financial profile along with your due diligence...
    Before making that all important decisions that
    could end up costing you money and time to
    stop further damages and start over again.
    Many times the reasonable cost of getting this
    informative report can be passed on to your
    tenant if you are an owner or property manager.
    But in most cases, is the cost is one that you can
    afford not to do? An ounce of prevention can
    save you thousands on repairs, lost income and
    lost productivity as well as other reputational


    • Tenant Screening
    • Pre Employment Screening
    • Commercial Tenant Screening
    • Vendor Screening
    • State of Florida Approved Contractor Licensing Report


    An ounce of prevention.... Pass through cost.  Priceless results.
    Don't leave important decisions to chance.
    Consistency with HOA policies can prevent issues down the line.
    You cannot be too careful.
    Protecting your investment not only saves time, but money.
    Limit your risk by performing due dilligence.
    Go into your interview with vital information about your potential new hire.
    Create a happy and productive work environment with capable employees representing your business.
    Hiring a handyman or domestic to come into your or a loved one's home? Know who you are entrusting.
    Applying for a Florida Contractor's License? We are an approved report vendor!

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