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  • Adams, Cameron & Co., Realtors launches EasyKnock!

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    Daytona Beach, FL – February 16, 2021


    Adams, Cameron & Co., Realtors is pleased to officially announce the launch of its new non-lending bridge provider, EasyKnock! 


    Offering “an innovative approach to homeownership,” EasyKnock allows agents to provide sellers with an opportunity to convert their home equity to cash, simplifying their home sale process. Whether it’s a short-term bridge solution or a long-term sale leaseback, their programs allow the homeowner more flexibility, time, and funds from the money they’ve built up in their home.


    What makes EasyKnock so different from iBuyers is how tailor-made it is to meet the requirements of a specific clientele. This custom-solution is designed for clients who are planning to move but need to stay in their home for a specific amount of time. EasyKnock can allow a homeowner to collect the market value of the home in two parts. The program can provide up to 75% of the home value upfront upon closing on the home, while allowing the homeowner to stay as a renter with a flexible lease term of up to 12 months! This allows homeowners an opportunity to put a stronger offer on their next purchase, and use their converted equity for their home buying goals without the rush of moving out before they’re ready. Once the seller is ready to move, they will continue to work with their agent to sell the home on the open market. At that time, the remainder of the Home Value is paid to the client, plus any appreciation incurred within that rental period! 


    EasyKnock can help most of the people in our market: 

    • Clients with a home value of $100,000 - $2,000,000

    • A loan of 65% or less of the total home value

    • Within a population density of at least 100 people per square mile (which includes almost all of Volusia and Flagler Counties)


    Plus, another great advantage with EasyKnock is that they do not act as a bank or lender, and can assist a wide range of credit scores, income types, and debt to income.


    EasyKnock was introduced to Adams, Cameron & Co. as a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. In addition, unlike other iBuyer programs, EasyKnock pays full Market Value on the home. Another incentive with partnering with EasyKnock is that they are able to close on a deal in less than 30 days! This illustrates the company’s mission of helping consumers unlock the true  value in their homes.


    EasyKnock also streamlines the process, making it as easy and user friendly as possible. To receive an initial estimate, all they require is the client’s property address, estimated market value, and mortgage balance. Talk to your Adams, Cameron & Co. agent to review the program.


    Some key advantages EasyKnock provides clients include: 

    • Assisting clients who may be battling home-sale contingencies and losing out on their next purchase to other buyers who do not have these contingencies

    • On the edge of pre-approval, and need to pay down some debt to improve their financial situation

    • Need the equity built up in their home to fund repairs or renovations to get top dollar when it sells

    • Looking to buy new construction, and need additional liquidity to fund that (while staying in the comfort of their home and not moving multiple times)


    EasyKnock derives the home market value with three methods: a third party appraisal, HouseCanary valuation (an online solution), and local agent expertise! Clients have confidence that they will receive the full value of their home, with the flexibility to stay as a renter until they are ready to move. And agents are empowered with a new tool to offer in a competitive market, while still earning their full market rate commission. This business model, coupled with excellent customer service is what makes this new introduction of EasyKnock to Adams, Cameron & Co. a great match! We are thrilled to bring this product to our brokerage and look forward to a successful partnership! 


    About EasyKnock: Founded in 2016, EasyKnock is the United States' first technology-enabled residential sale-leaseback company that brought American homeowners Sell and Stay and MoveAbility. Through EasyKnock's programs, homeowners can access the money they need to achieve their goals. With Sell and Stay, homeowners sell their home without moving, with the flexibility to buy back their house or move at any time. MoveAbility serves as a bridge product for homeowners planning on moving in the near-term. They can sell their home immediately without a rushed move. Headquartered in New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, EasyKnock currently provides its innovative financial products to homeowners across 50 states.

    About Adams Cameron: Founded in 1963, Adams, Cameron & Co. is the largest real estate company in the combined Volusia and Flagler Counties with over 300 agents. Adams, Cameron & Co. is pleased to support the area’s residential and commercial real estate needs by bringing the most resources available with a pleasant family-run atmosphere. More information is available at http://www.adamscameron.com.