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  • Eric Cinnamon Places Top 5 in First Ever Sportsbike Race

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    Port Orange, FL – March 24, 2021


    Adams, Cameron & Co.,Realtors is pleased to recognize Port Orange agent Eric Cinnamon on his recent achievement of placing in the Top 5 in his first ever motorcycle racing event! 

    The four races took place the weekend of March 13th & 14th at Daytona’s International Speedway where experienced and amateur racers took to the track. The CCS Heavyweight Supersport, CCS GT Unlimited, the ASRA Sportbike Endurance Race and the CCS Middlewight SuperBike races were all the events Eric participated in where he placed Top 5 in all! “I was competing against very experienced racers that were on stronger  bikes than mine.” Eric recalls. “Win or lose, you can bet I was wearing the biggest smile of any competitor out on that grid since at one point in time my being here was in question!” Eric reminisces. 


    Cinnamon was referring to the life-altering incident on March 11, 2011 that spared him his life, but ultimately cost him his right leg. On that tragic day 10 years ago, Eric’s car caught fire in a wreck, where shattered bones, metal rods and 24 surgeries later saved his life! Every year on March 11th, Eric takes some time to reflect on his blessings and how his life was spared that day. 


    Grateful to be alive, Eric founded Eric Cinnamon Racing, LLC. On the 10th year anniversary of his car accident, Eric dedicated his free time to establishing his workshop garage at the track. “The best way to celebrate still being alive is to rip around one of the world’s most famous tracks!” Eric shares, referring to Daytona International Speedway. 


    Aware of his potential physical limitations and previous injuries coming into this competition, Eric dedicated his spare time to training and preparing as best he could for this race. “This sport is rooted in lower body strength, which is obviously not my forte.” Eric says when detailing some of the challenges he might have to overcome on race day. “I’ve trained excessively hard in strength and conditioning in order to keep a level playing field with my competitors, as it’s incredibly difficult to race with one leg.”


    Placing in the Top 5 was a personal victory for Eric and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment!  “It was some of the most fun I've had in my life. I raced four races, and managed to place one 6th, two 5ths, and a 4th place only 1.2 seconds from a podium. These are my first races ever and on a track I've never set foot on before.” Eric shares enthusiastically. 


    What was once a sporty hobby has now become a lifestyle passion for Eric. By dedicating his time and energy to this sport, he hopes to inspire other racing enthusiasts to follow their passion and achieve their dreams too. Not letting any adversity impede his goals, Eric is an inspiration to many. 


    He is currently seeking sponsorship from local businesses who are willing to contribute financial support for the remainder of his racing season. More information can be found at ericcinnamon.adamscameron.com. “Tomorrow is never guaranteed and you don’t know what it’ll bring, so don’t ever forget to live while you’re still here!” Eric shares. 


    At Adams Cameron, we are always honored to recognize the achievements of our agents and are very happy to share Eric Cinnamon’s story. 


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