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  • Murals are coming to Ormond Beach

    For those who are tired of looking at blank walls on buildings in Ormond Beach, help is on the way. The Ormond Beach City Commission has recently approved a mural program, in cooperation with the Ormond Beach Arts District. Murals may be commissioned by anyone who owns a building in the City’s Downtown Overlay District or a merchant with permission from the building owner. The district stretches along Granada Boulevard from A1A to Orchard Street and approximately two blocks east and west.
    An application package is available on the City’s website at https://www.ormondbeach.org/DocumentCenter/View/15500/Mural-App- Pkg-final---fillable-form?bidId=

    Assistance throughout the process will be provided by the Ormond Beach Arts District Mural Committee. An artist registry has been established by the Arts District, and applicants can select an artist from that list or propose another artist. It is important that the artist is a professional muralist, who has completed other such projects in the past. Once an artist is chosen and a rendering of the proposed mural created, the application packet will be submitted to the City Planning Department, then forwarded to the Mural Committee for review. The Committee’s recommendation will move the project on to the City Commission for approval.
    Judith Stein, President of the Ormond Beach Arts District Board of Directors, noted that murals can bring social, cultural, and economic benefits to an area. “Other cities with mural programs point to their sense of identity, belonging, attachment, welcoming, and openness. Who wouldn’t want that for our town, too?”
    For more information on the mural program, contact Becky Weedo, Senior Planner, City of Ormond Beach at Becky.Weedo@ormondbeach.org or Julia Truilo, Executive                            Director,                            Ormond                            Beach                            MainStreet        at julia@ormondbeachmainstreet.com.